3 Ways To Make Your Direct Mail Campaign More Efficient

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While digital marketing and social media are important ways to market your business, direct mail marketing is an equally important way to reach customers. One potential downside to direct mail is that it can be quite time-consuming, which reduces your ROI and takes away time you should be spending on running your business. Instead of giving up on direct mail, a better approach is to find ways to make your direct mail campaign more efficient and less time-consuming. Here are a few ideas to try out:

Buy a Folder Inserter

If you or your assistant are spending hours folding your flyers and inserts and then stuffing envelopes, you are in dire need of a folder inserter. A folder inserter is a machine that quickly and neatly folds all of your direct mail inserts and then stuffs and seals your envelopes for you. This is perhaps the most effective way to make your direct mail campaign more efficient since manually folding paper and stuffing envelopes takes so much time. As an added bonus, your direct mailings will also look much more professional and polished.

Buy a Targeted Mailing List

Spending a bit of time upfront segmenting your ideal audience by criteria saves you time in the long run. When you buy a mailing list from a reputable direct mail company, don't just ask for a general list of names and addresses in your city. Instead, narrow down your target audience (perhaps by income or profession), and only pay for a list with these names on it. You won't have to send out nearly as many envelopes, and the direct mail you do send out will have a higher likelihood of succeeding.  

Switch to Online Postage

Buying stamps online means you can buy exactly how many stamps you need for any given direct mail campaign, right from the comfort of your home. You will save time since you won't need to drive to the post office or stand in a long line, and in some cases, this option may be more affordable as well. Your online postage can even be printed directly onto your envelopes, saving you another step and making your direct mail process even more efficient.

Incorporating these ideas into your next direct mail campaign will reduce the amount of time you spend on your mailings, improving your efficiency and freeing up your time for other aspects of the business. Contact a company that has folder inserters for sale for more information and assistance. 


2 October 2017

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