What To Look For When You Hire A Speaker For Your Next Event

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It is possible you are planning an event to promote a new product, bring awareness to a cause or perhaps it's a convention for people in the same industry that you are. You may have decided to hire a speaker or two to cover relevant topics and speak about the newest trends in your industry. What should you look for when hiring a speaker for your event?


One of the first things you should take a look at when hiring a speaker for your event is to check any speaker you are looking to hire's credentials. Research several speakers in the industry you are looking to hire in and check to see what their education is in the industry, what degrees and awards they have earned and also, what experience they have had in the industry itself. It is a good idea to take a look at how long they have been in the industry as the more experience and years they have spent in the given industry means they have a lot to share with your guests.

Topic Expertise

When hiring a speaker you need to look for one that has an excellent knowledge base and a high level of topic expertise. If you want your event to be a success and perhaps continue as an annual event for years to come, you need to hire speakers who really have a high level of knowledge when it comes to their industry. This makes each speaker interesting and helps those who attend your conference or event to learn and enjoy their experience and perhaps return next year.

Engaging Personality

An important trait to look for when hiring a speaker is that they possess an engaging personality. There is nothing worse than having a speaker who has plenty of knowledge and expertise about their field but is not that interesting to listen to. It can make your guests restless and even bored and decide to leave the event or walk away from the speaker's time at the podium. This could put a damper on your event that you might not recover from. Always hire a speaker who is engaging and has a personality that draws the audience in. It will go a long way to ensure your guests are enjoying your event.

Along the same lines, it is important to hire a speaker who is approachable as well. This means they don't mind your guests asking questions about the topics covered and even are available after they are finished speaking so your guests can explore in more detail anything that caught their interest.


4 October 2017

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