Fun Variations That You Can Play With Your New Air Hockey Machine

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Buying an air hockey machine for your family can provide everyone with hours of entertainment over the years ahead. This action-packed game will get kids and adults alike moving, and you can count on lots of laughs and some spirited competition among your family and guests to your home. While everyone should get lots of fun out of playing this game the conventional way, it can be fun to add some variations to the game for the enjoyment of those playing — and for the amusement of those watching. Here are three variations that you can introduce.

Two Against Two

Typically, one player squares off against one opponent in air hockey, but adding partners to the mix can make the action even more intense. This variation on the game is also ideal if you have a lot of people visiting your home and wanting to play the game, as it allows twice as many people to play at the same time. Players can select a partner and then team up against another duo. To mix things up at large gatherings, you can suggest pairing adults and children or members of the opposite sex.


Many game-saving plays in a game of air hockey require a bit of luck, but your players will need plenty of luck once they're donning blindfolds. This variation can be funny for the players themselves and downright hilarious for those watching. Take a pair of old neckties or other pieces of material and blindfold each of the players. They'll need to rely on luck to make contact with the puck as it floats around the table. This variation will definitely build a group of spectators who won't be able to resist laughing as the blindfolded players make surprisingly good shots.

Two Pucks

Air hockey is typically played with one puck, but adding another one quickly makes the game even more filled with action. Air hockey tables usually come with multiple pucks, so all you'll need to do is toss another one onto the table as the game begins. This variation can work well when you have lots of people awaiting their turn. Because the use of two pucks can often lead to more goals, a game to five or 10 points will often end quicker than a game with just one puck — and this allows the players to take a break while a pair of other people get a chance.

If you want to try these ideas out, or are simply looking to buy an air hockey machine first, contact companies in your area that sell them, such as Birmingham Vending Company.


6 October 2017

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