3 Common Exterior Finish Problems That May Lead To Serious Damage To Your Home

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Exterior finishes have one basic function, which is to protect your home from water and weather. It is important to do regular maintenance to exterior finishes to ensure that it is protecting your home as it should. Some common problems like worn caulking or a loose piece of exterior finishes could lead to some serious problems inside your home. Here are a few tips that will help you deal with exterior finish problems and prevent serious damage to your home:

1. Storm Damage and Wear of Exterior Finishes Causing Leaks

With recent storms across the country, damage to the exterior of homes is a serious issue. When the siding or veneers of homes become damaged, this causes leaks, which can lead to more water damage. The moisture could even lead to rot and eventually the problems could cause serious with the structure of your home. It is important to have your home inspected and any repairs done to the exterior of your home that are needed. In addition, old exterior materials like siding may be worn and need maintenance like painting and caulking to ensure that your home is protected from the elements outside.

2. Poor Installation and Moisture Problems Behind Exterior Finishes

Sometimes, the issues with exterior finishes may be due to poor insulation. With siding, it is important that it has a rigid backing to protect your home from damage. Other finishes like stucco and brick need to have a moisture barrier and proper drainage to ensure moisture can escape. It is important that any type of exterior finish is well-sealed from water and that there are no leaks. Poor installation may cause leaks that lead to serious problems like rot or mold.

3. Wear of Caulking and Flashing Materials That Cause Leaks in Exterior Finishes

The materials that are installed as exterior finishes also need maintenance. It is important that wood siding and soffit materials are regularly painted and caulked to keep moisture out. In addition, there is also caulking that seals cracks and edges of windows. Make sure you redo the caulking whenever you paint and do other maintenance to the exterior finishes of your home.

These are some tips that could help prevent some serious damage to your home due to common exterior finish problems. If you need help with repairs, maintenance or installation, contact an exterior finish service, like The Best Panel Company, and talk with them about thin brick panel veneers and other finishes to protect the exterior of your home and give it an attractive appearance. 


10 October 2017

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