Protecting Client Information When Your Firm Moves

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Client protection is important for any law firm. The nature of the legal work you do for clients could be confidential. Even if it isn't, taking measures to protect client information is important, especially during a move to a more spacious building. Before going anywhere, plan to tackle these issues first:

Backup Data

First, it's smart to downsize and eliminate clutter where you can. Moving often offers a unique shot at getting rid of things you no longer need, and in that respect, a law firm is no different than a private residence. Whatever is not needed must go, and whatever information being kept needs to be done so efficiently.

Backing up information makes it certain that you, partners, assistants and paralegals will be able to get to client data after the move. Whether you use individual flash drives for each case or back up all information online in "the cloud", ensure that these actions are being taken days before moving. In fact, you or another partner should access as many backed up files as possible to ensure the transfers were successful; you don't want to arrive at the new space only to discover the backed up files were corrupted or some other problem occurred.

Utilize Storage Containers

For those cases with documents and materials requiring physical storage, you'll need storage containers. Many firms use cardboard boxes, but be aware that spills and water could ruin not only the box but the materials inside. Instead, choose plastic. You might seek containers that can be externally locked if your materials contain sensitive information.

Shred Old Papers

Once making decisions about backing up and packing up documents and data, you are likely to have tons of paper that must be trashed. Dumping paper into recyclable bins isn't so smart for law firms, as information could be found by anyone who walks away with those bins. Instead, consult professional shredding companies for solutions. They could have a mobile unit brought to your firm for use, for instance.

Investigate Employee Access

Before a move, monitoring and cleaning up employee access to networks could be wise. Erase users that no longer work for the firm and keep an eye on unusual login attempts both before and after the firm has moved.

Protecting clients is part of your attorney responsibility. While moving, ensure you are thinking of ways to protect their information and details with all the tasks above. Contact a company like Portland Packaging Co Inc for more information and assistance. 


15 October 2017

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