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Nonprofit organizations are a great way to gain experience in a particular field if you're trying to become a stronger technician. Although many nonprofits are in need of highly-trained professionals to provide services to people in need or dire situations, many of these professionals could use assistants or apprentices who can "learn through osmosis" as it were by being part of the task at hand. As you look through job options, here are a few ways that a nonprofit tech job could boost your future:

On The Job Training Can Save Time And Money

Especially in Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science (CS) fields at large, certifications are at the top. Although there is a constant debate over the importance of degrees versus certifications, for the sake of this discussion, they will mean the same thing.

It's in your best interests to know a little about what you're doing not only before you take a certification test, but before you even step into the class. There's nothing wrong with people who have the means to step into a class as their first tech experience, but if money is tight or time is of the essence, on-the-job (OTJ) training is vital.

As you work on a tech job related to your certification or degree path, you're being exposed to different ideas. Especially at the Freshman college level, many tech topics such as the layout of a motherboard, types of computer connections, networking topics such as modem settings, and internet troubleshooting are all 100 and 200-level courses.

This means that you could potentially skip a lot of studying or forego a few tutoring sessions if you're getting training to work at no cost to you. It's especially good if you're getting paid for your trouble, even if it's just a bit more than the cost of fuel or food.

Many people who learn their trade through a first job will enter college or an entry-level certification training course (CompTIA A+, CCNA, or Apple's ACMT) will notice that most jobs involving technical support call centers, basic computer repair, internet troubleshooting, or IT helpdesk work will have explained many introductory college IT courses and the first week (if not most) of certification workshops.

Is Nonprofit Work Profitable For You?

Nonprofit jobs are not known for enabling the salaries of well-off or comfortable employees, but that shouldn't deter you from working at a nonprofit as a stepping stone or development center. As long as you can give a business a year and train up replacements, it's still usually worth everyone's time.

Not all people in the US will be reaching 6 or 7 figures--either in their youth or at all. This doesn't mean giving up salary goals at all, but it does mean that you need to look at your alternatives and consider what you're doing if you're avoiding a nonprofit job.

Do you have real, available alternatives that want to hire you today, or are you holding out with hope and aspirations for a better position? Are you hanging onto a job that you hate with similar pay because you don't see a reason to move? Keep in mind that even if your pay stays the same, the information you gain will empower you towards a career that you want.

Although any job "builds character", technology is a powerful part of almost every industry. Make the switch today and check a nonprofit job board for opportunities to grow into a new career that can build on bigger career goals and dreams. Contact a company like Foundation List for more information. 


22 October 2017

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