Four Items That Do Not Belong In Storage Units

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If you have run out of space in your apartment or home to store everything you own, it may be time to investigate renting a storage garage. While a storage garage for storing just about anything you don't have room for, there are some items you may want to think twice about storing. There are also some items most storage facilities won't allow. Here is a brief overview.

Guns And Ammunition

Many people, especially "preppers" and gun aficionados, tend to hoard weapons, guns, and ammunition. While they may run out of room at their own homes, most storage facilities don't want to deal with the potential liability stockpiling weapons could bring. Additionally, these items are typically quite expensive so you are better off finding an alternative storage plan.

Food Items

Food items, including canned goods, staples, and dog and cat food, should not be stored in a rented storage facility. This is just asking for vermin of all kinds. In addition to the usual rodents and insects, bears are more than capable of ripping open metal panels to get to food when they are hungry. The smell of food will attract animals, which will lead to everything you have being infested and contaminated. It will also likely affect other people's storage bins, ruining their things as well.

Hazardous Materials

A rented storage unit is not the same as your garage at home. Other people have units with their prized possessions inside. Storing hazardous materials can be dangerous, especially if they are not monitored carefully. Temperature changes can cause extreme reactions in some chemicals. Cans of gasoline, extra propane tanks, car batteries, fireworks, paint and paint thinner, cleaning supplies, corrosive liquids such as lye, and anything else that has the potential to be flammable should not be stored in a self-storage unit.


Plants need light and the proper temperature to make food for themselves and grow. They cannot do this in a storage shed. There has even been stories of people setting up a marijuana grow operation in a remote storage shed, complete with the grow lights, which is, of course, against the law and storage facility rules. If you don't have room for your houseplants, give them away to family or friends or ask someone to take care of them for you for a while.

Be sure to read and follow the rules for the storage company you decide to rent with, or you could be held liable for any mishaps. When in doubt, ask, and they may have another storage solution for you. For more information, contact companies like SaveMor Self Storage LTD.


20 February 2018

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