How To Secure A Better General Labor Job You Can Enjoy

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If you work in the general labor industry but have had a difficult time finding enjoyable work that pays well, you may be disappointed and frustrated. However, there is a chance you're just not looking in the right places for work, or showing off your knowledge and expertise as well as you can be. If you're serious about finding better jobs that pay well and allow you to use your skills to complete projects, you'll need to focus on branding yourself as an experienced general laborer who takes the job seriously.

Revise Your Resume

An outdated resume doesn't exactly look professional to companies that need to hire someone to perform general labor. You need to let potential employers know exactly what you know how to do based on the different general labor jobs you've had in the past. You may have gained all kinds of skills by working in certain industries, and those are the things that should be highlighted on your resume. Before you update your resume, consider consulting with a professional resume writer who could offer some helpful tips or even redo your resume for you, making it look modern and interesting while making sure your skills and experience are listed.

Put a Portfolio Together

Do you have pictures of some of the work you've completed for clients in the past? Start gathering as many pictures as possible to build a portfolio of all the work you've done. It helps to have a portfolio available for any potential employers who might be interested in seeing the kind of work you can do for them. If you don't have pictures because you've completed more tasks that involve heavy lifting or moving materials rather than building with them, you don't necessarily need to have a portfolio, but you could include information on your resume about the tasks you were primarily responsible for while working other jobs.

Use Job Boards to Find General Labor Jobs

Use the convenient search feature on various job boards to find general labor positions that are available. Rather than looking through pages of different job listings that may have nothing to do with the kind of work you'd like to find, you can use the search feature to make sure you're only seeing job listings for those looking to work in the general labor industry. You may then want to go through those listings, get as much information from them as possible, and submit your resume to the hiring managers.

If you've struggled to find general labor work that pays well and is enjoyable, you may need to try something different. You could start by making some changes to your resume and putting a portfolio together of any projects you've helped complete. Once you've got a resume, and possibly even a portfolio, you could start looking for general labor jobs on job boards and submit an application with your new resume.


2 April 2018

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