3 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Document Scanning

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Businesses create many documents throughout the course of the day. Many of these documents are important and must be accessed at a future date. When these documents are in hard-copy format, it can be beneficial to scan them into your computer system for safekeeping.

Scanning documents should be part of every modern business's management plan. You can increase the efficiency of your scanning efforts by taking the time to implement these three techniques.

1. Organize Your Documents

Before you begin the scanning process, you must ensure that your documents are organized. Separating out documents and filing them into boxes can help reduce the amount of time that it takes to scan and save each document into your computer system.

Organizing your documents before scanning also ensures that all documents pertaining to a certain client, subject, or account will be scanned in at the same time. This will help with retrieval during and after the scanning process.

2. Invest in an Automatic Scanner

One of the best things that you can do to improve the efficiency of your document scanning efforts is invest in the right equipment. Rather than having a scanner that can only read a single page, you want an automatic scanner with multi-page feed capabilities.

This lets your employees run multiple pages through the scanner at once to create a single digital document. Individual pages will not have to be manually combined after scanning, reducing the amount of time it takes to manage your company's documents in the future.

3. Create Uniform Pages

If you do plan to utilize an automatic scanner to streamline your document scanning efforts, you will want to take the time to ensure that all of your documents are on pages of the same size. Page uniformity allows the automatic scanner to quickly and easily read multiple documents with ease.

Tape down any receipts, airline tickets, or other items that are smaller than the traditional letter-sized paper that most documents are printed on. Uniform pages will reduce errors and help your document scanning be completed more quickly.

Scanning documents into a digital format allows you to easily search and access many files. You can free up storage space in your office and protect your documents against damage by ensuring that they are efficiently and effectively scanned.

Use uniform page sizing, an automatic scanner, and pre-scanning organization to streamline the conversion of your hard-copy documents in the future. Or, reach out to a business like Indigital Inc if you want someone else to handle the document scanning.


1 May 2019

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