Investing In New Equipment? Winter Care Tips For Your New High Pressure Pumps

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If you're about to invest in new industrial pumps, and you work with any type of slurry, you need to be prepared for the harsh winter weather that's approaching. Winter weather conditions can wreak havoc on industrial high pressure pumps, especially where slurry is concerned. Here are four tips that will help protect your investment this winter. 

Give Them Shelter

If you're in the process of purchasing new industrial pumps, be sure to provide them with the shelter they'll need this winter. Pumps are particularly susceptible to damage during the winter. The best way to reduce that susceptibility is to house them in a heated shelter. A heated shelter will protect your pumps from winter damage, even during below-freezing conditions. If you can't provide heated shelter, it's important that you find an alternative method of keeping your pumps warm this winter. 

Protect Against Freezing

If your pumps are going to be left out in the cold this winter, and will not be operational, you need to take steps to prevent freezing. The best way to do that is to completely remove any water or slurry from the lines. Removing water and slurry from the lines will prevent the expansion that can result when liquids freeze. Once liquids freeze, the pipes can rupture, which can spell disaster for your industrial pumps. To avoid that, drain all water and slurry from your pumps. If you plan to use your pumps periodically throughout the winter, and you don't want to drain your pumps, consider installing a dump valve. Your dump valve will allow for periodic use. 

Don't Forget the Winter Fluids

If you're going to be using your industrial pumps this winter, don't forget to winterize the fluids. Your pumps require a different type of fluid for winter operations. That's because the warm weather fluids can turn to a thicker consistency during the winter, which can cause problems with proper operation. To avoid issues associated with the wrong fluid use this winter, switch to winter-grade fluids. Don't forget to switch back once spring arrives. Your pumps will require protection against the heat once the temperatures start to rise. 

Inspect Your Air Dryer System

If you're in the process of investing in new pumps, be sure to winterize the v-drive and pneumatic systems. This step is particularly important if you're expecting freezing temperatures this winter. Freezing temperatures can destroy the v-drives and pneumatic systems on your pumps. In fact, you could end up with damaged seals and belts once winter is over. To avoid that risk, make sure that your belts are winter grade and that your air dryer is functioning properly. 


26 October 2019

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