4 Benefits Of An Enclosed Patio Screen

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If you have an outdoor patio that you don't get as much usage out of as you could, you should consider converting your patio to an enclosed patio. An enclosed patio offers more functionality than an open patio. There are lots of benefits of converting your patio space to an enclosed patio.

Benefit #1: Add More Usable Living Space to Your Home

First, enclosing your patio adds more useable living area to your home. By adding more usable living area to your home, you can easily increase the value of your home. An enclosed patio is seen as a useable living space verse outside space, which means you can add that square footage onto your home when you sell it. Having more square footage will add extra value to your home.

Benefit #2: Better Air Circulation

When you enclose your patio by putting up screens on your patio, you will be able to leave the sliding door open that connects your patio to your home.

This will allow you to take advantage of fresh air and enjoy more fresh air circulating throughout your home. Enclosing your patio allows you to turn your sliding door into a big window, which will help allow more breezes and fresh air through your home.

Benefit #3: Enjoy a Bug-Free Environment

It can be nice to sit outside on your porch until the bugs show up. In the evening, pesky mosquitoes can keep you from enjoying your space and relaxing.

Additionally, mosquitoes can carry disease, making relaxing on your patio dangerous. If you want to be able to sit outside in the evening without being covered in bug spray, an enclosed patio is a great choice.

An enclosed patio will keep away other annoying bugs, like bees that show up when you are eating, and flies that want to land on your food. You will be able to enjoy being outside without worrying about bugs when you have an enclosed patio.

Benefit #4: Enjoy a Private Space

By enclosing your patio, you will create a more private space to hang out. You can put up blinds or curtains in order to increase your privacy. You can install privacy glass.

You can do this on the sides of your patio, which faces your neighbors or the street. With an enclosed patio, you can enjoy being outside without feeling like everyone is looking at you.

This spring, hire a professional to enclose your patio. Enclosing your patio will increase the useable square footage of your home, offer you a bug-free outside environment, and allow you greater privacy when you want to relax outside.

Contact a local professional now to get your patio screen enclosure installed.


24 April 2020

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