Let The Beauty Of Your Art Shine Through With The Right Frame

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Is there a correct way to frame artwork? If you want to ensure your pictures are displayed beautifully, the answer is yes. While the beauty is in the art itself, if you do not choose the appropriate frame style, it can affect just how much the beauty of the art can be seen. Discover some of the things you should think about when you select a picture frame.

Color Contrast

Picture frames are available in just about every color you can imagine, so you are likely to find a frame that matches a color in your artwork. Just make sure you do not make a mistake. 

For example, if you have a blue, yellow, and orange painting, you should not choose a frame in either of these colors. A black or brown frame would create a richer contrast. It is always best to create a color contrast between the artwork and the frame. If you do not create a contrast, the line between the frame and the artwork gets lost and, ultimately, the beauty of the piece gets subdued. 

It is important to note that you can sometimes choose a frame that is in the same color as the art, but it is best to pick a color that is only mildly highlighted in the image. You do not want to pick one of the colors that is largely saturated.


The wrong size frame can also impact how a piece of art is viewed, so you need to pick a thin or thick frame correctly. The best way to do this is to look at the art itself. 

The more cluttered the design, such as complex abstract art, the thinner the frame. If you choose a thick frame with this style of art, it can make the piece look gaudy and overstated, which is not attractive. For a more minimalist piece of art, such as a photo of a single image, the thicker the frame, the better. A thin frame with a modest image can cause it to get lost, especially if it is a part of a gallery wall. 

If you do not want to get too involved in this part of the process, it is best to stick with thinner frames for smaller pieces of art and thicker frames for larger pieces. 

Whether your art is contemporary, photography, conceptual, or any other style, you can use these tips to help you with the selection process.


17 June 2020

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