The Advantages Of Using Phased Array Ultrasonic Examination

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Across many industries, careful examination of materials and their safety and strength is vitally important. This is especially true in the welding and construction industries. Professionals must work diligently to ensure there is no evidence of cracking, structural strain, or other potential problems. And, while many methods exist for conducting this type of necessary testing, phased array ultrasonic examination is one of the best and most effective.


One major benefit of this type of testing is that it can be conducted across a wide range of industries and for a diverse number of purposes. For example, you will commonly find it used in:

  • Aerospace industries
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Pipeline construction
  • Product manufacturing

Many companies actually deal in more than one area of construction and manufacturing, which is what makes phased array ultrasonic examination so beneficial. It can be used for many different purposes and projects as well as for a wide range of different materials. Having one testing method to use for every application eliminates added difficulty and confusion, while also cutting down on costs.


No matter what one is using phased array ultrasonic examination for, it is often a much more efficient inspection method than other options.

One of the main benefits is that users do not have to manually move the probe of the inspection unit. It can move and adjust on its own as needed with little to no intervention on the part of the technician.


In many industries, repeated inspection scans are necessary in order to meet inspection requirements. Thankfully, unlike many other testing methods that exist, phased array ultrasonic testing can easily perform repeat scans when programmed to do so. Many scans can even be completed in less than a second, which allows for easy repeatability without slowing down the general operation or adding increased time and expenses.


Finally, because this type of testing looks at sound as a factor, it can easily detect any flaws or issues that might undermine or affect structural or weld integrity. It often, in fact, finds flaws that other testing methods miss, which keeps both users and employees safe, while also reducing the potential of liability for the company performing the inspection.

In all of these ways and countless others, phased array ultrasonic examination is one of the best and most reliable testing and inspection methods available. Organizations that value and rely on this kind of careful, detailed testing would do well to strongly consider and utilize this option. For more information, reach out to a professional who offers phased array ultrasonic examination services


14 July 2020

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