The Personal Story Podcast: Choosing Your Preferred Path

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Podcasts have become a major way to hear about human interest stories, true crime, and other personal issues. The field is vast, however, and choosing a podcast style -- whether you're a listener looking for a new podcast to check out or a potential host looking for a new venture -- can be confusing if you don't have a way to narrow down all those contenders. Successfully choosing a podcast style relies on asking yourself three big questions.

What Information Do You Want From the Podcast?

"Personal stories" is a general phrase -- a very general phrase. It can cover inspirational "good news" stories, stories of struggles, and even horror stories. What information do you want from the podcast? Do you want to balance the bad news of the mainstream media with good news in a podcast, describing how people overcame the odds? Do you want to hear about how family members dealt with a loved one being accused of a crime? Do you just want to hear about regular people's daily lives in a "slice of life" format? The information you want to get from a podcast (or that you want to broadcast, if you're setting up your own podcast for others to listen to) lets you pinpoint a more specific type of personal story.

What Feeling Do You Want to Be Left With?

Any podcast you listen to is going to have an emotional effect on you. You need to decide how you want your new podcast to make you feel (or make listeners feel, if you plan to be the podcaster). If "happy" is the feeling you're going for, you'll want a good news or comedy podcast or something inspirational. If you want "relaxed," those "slice of daily life" stories could be perfect because they typically don't play up the emotional factor and tend to be about that person's typical day rather than about a horrible exception.

How Random Do You Want the Guests to Be?

So, at this point, you know what information you want to get out of the podcast and how you want to feel as a result of learning that information. Many podcasts on personal stories rely on guests, so do you want those guests to be from a certain demographic (e.g., single parents, first-generation college students, and so on) or a random selection, where you'll never know what the story will be?

Podcasts are thriving, and the more people get into the podcast game, the more options you'll have as a listener. And if you're trying to do a podcast yourself, you'll find an ever-larger field in which you can play.

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14 July 2020

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