2 Possible Causes Of Low Pressure Coming From Your Well's Water Pump

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Lately, whenever you turn on the water in your house, you may have noticed that its stream coming out of the faucets is weaker than it used to be. You may also notice that it seems to be different in different areas of your home or even at different times of the day in the same room.

If your home depends on a well to provide its water, there may be an issue with the water pump. In this case, there are a couple of possible causes for the low pressure.

1.  The Pump's Motor Is Starting to Wear Out

One possible cause of your water pump's low pressure could be that something inside of the motor is starting to wear out. The electrical system may be fried, the bladder may have deteriorated, or the bearings may be worn down.

No matter which component is causing issues with the motor, any one of them can interfere with the pump's ability to push water through the system and into your home's intake pipes. However, although the pressure coming out of your faucets is low, the pressure within the pump itself may be higher because of the backflow.

If one of the components is wearing down, it should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible by a professional. If it is not, the increased pressure within the pump may cause the motor to break down completely, requiring the replacement of the entire unit.

2.  Iron Bacteria Are Clogging Up the Pump's Screens

Another potential issue that could be causing your home's low water pressure is that iron bacteria have started to clog up the pump's screens. Since this type of bacteria feeds on iron and other hard minerals in the water, they can often thrive inside of a water pump that has a constant supply of nutrients for them.

As the bacteria thrive and multiply, they start to create clumps of colonies. These clumps then attach to the screens and create a slimy film that clogs up the holes. If these bacteria are causing the issue, the pump will need to be cleaned out, and your well's water will need to be treated to help prevent future issues.

No matter what is causing the low water pressure, you will need to have a professional's assistance with fixing the issue. Contact a water pump service near you and have them inspect the pump to discover the reason why its water pressure is low so that they can take the appropriate action to fix the problem.


16 October 2020

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