Adding Smart Technology To Streamline And Automate Your Home

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Home automation can be a lot of fun to incorporate with the devices in your home, and it can add a lot of convenience to your daily life. There are controllers you can add for many things in the house, and you may already have control methods in place that you can leverage.

Controlling Your Home Automation

There are many different options that allow you to control different items in your home that are compatible with smart technology. These home speakers or controllers can be integrated into your home and will answer questions, control devices, and generally help with everyday tasks. 

Some of the newest control units for home automation have screens on them that increase the functions of the unit. Because they are becoming more common, these speakers, screens, and controllers are available at price points that make them affordable for nearly everyone. 

Some controllers can be permanently installed in the house if you prefer that level of integration as well. Start by finding the right speaker or controller that can access other devices, and then you can decide what you want it to control.

Mobile Applications

Along with the physical controller in your home, apps that can control your devices are also available. Many of these apps allow you to turn lights on and off, lock doors, or set the security system in your home without you being anywhere close to the house. 

The number of things that can be controlled through these apps continues to increase, and in many cases, they can be set to timers or manually overridden so that you can make changes on the go. Some car manufacturers are even adding control for your home into an app in the vehicle so that you can open the door to your garage or turn off the security system as you approach the house. 

Expanding Your Internet of Things

You may see the term IoT or internet of things used in reference to home automation. This term refers to items that can be connected or integrated through your home network or the internet, and the list is growing every day.

Light bulbs that can be turned on and off via an app or controller, electrical plugs that can be plugged in to control things like the coffee pot in the morning, or even locks can fall into the category of IoT devices. 

The more IoT devices you add, the more home automation you have, but make sure that the devices you are buying can be triggered by the control device you have. If you have to open several apps to control several devices, the convenience starts to disappear pretty quickly.


6 November 2020

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