Three Key Financial Benefits Of Hiring A Bail Bondsman

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Getting arrested is a stressful experience, regardless of guilt or innocence. Having to come up with the full amount of your bail before being released can add to that stress level, but hiring a bail bondsman can provide a great source of relief for you and your family. A bail bond service can also provide some financial benefits you might not have considered before. Here are some benefits to consider when making a decision about using a bail bondsman for your case.

Legal Defense Fund Availability

When hiring a bail bondsman, you only have to pay a fee to the company. This might be a percentage of the total bail cost, though there may be some administration fees as well. Paying this small portion of the initial bail amount frees up your other assets to help pay for your legal defense fund. For example, you may need to pay a handsome chunk of money to a lawyer as a retainer fee. This might not be possible if you also have to pay the full amount of your bail. Hiring a bondsman means it may be easier for you to focus on winning your court case instead of worrying about your bank account.

Ability To Work

The sooner you are released from jail, the sooner you can get back to work. For some people, continuing to work is the only way they can afford to hire a lawyer to mount a legal defense. You may also have difficulty paying your mortgage, utility bills, and other monthly expenses if you are unable to maintain employment. Hiring a bail bondsman right away might mean only a night spent in jail, which can result in you missing only a minimal amount of work. Be sure to check with the court and your bondsman before returning to work, as jobs that require you to travel might be prohibited under the terms of your release.

Maintaining Assets

For some, the only way to pay a full bail amount is to liquidate assets. This might mean having to sell stocks, cash out retirement accounts, or sell beloved valuables. Hiring a bail bondsman lets you keep your assets as long as you keep current with your payments to the bond company and make all required court appearances. You can keep those assets or sell them as needed to pay for your legal defense. Remember that you may have to put some valuables up as collateral when you sign your contract with the bondsman, so those items might be lost should you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of bail.


3 December 2020

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