Installation Tips For Water Well Pumps

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Pumps are needed for water wells because without them, you wouldn't be able to get water from the well to your property. If you've found one and are taking care of its installation, this advice will set you on the right path. 

Protect Wiring

In order for the water well pump to work correctly over the years, its wiring needs to remain in good condition. Since it will be exposed to rugged conditions, you need to protect it any way you can. There are actually cable guards that you can buy for this exact purpose.

The guard will create a barrier that elements like dirt and water won't be able to bypass. That should keep your wires in good shape for a lot longer compared to if they were just left exposed. You'll get consistent performance thanks to cable guards. 

Use High-Quality Pipe Clamps

In order to effectively secure piping to the well pump, you need clamps. They secure pipe sections, keeping them in place. So that they do their job correctly over the years, make sure the clamps you get are high-quality.

They should be made from weatherproof materials and, ideally, be specifically designed for the piping that connects to your water well pump. Then securing them in place won't be that difficult.

If you discover that the clamps that already come with the pump aren't that great, replace them with a better set. 

Be Careful When Lowering Underground

If you're going with a submersible pump, then you'll have to lower it down in the ground. You want to be extra careful when performing this step to keep components from getting damaged and then affecting how this water well pump is supposed to operate. 

Stay mindful of the entrance into the metal casing leading underground because it can be sharp. As a precaution, put a softer material around the entrance so that you don't cut components like wires or piping. Also, make sure you go straight down to avoid pumping the pump into the sides of the metal casing. 

If you've purchased a new pump for your water well, it's important to take the setup seriously. Do the right things and exercise caution all the way through. Then you will be less likely to damage a component and the performance will be perfect, regardless of which water well pump you ended up choosing for your property. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers water well pump installation services.


4 January 2021

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