Types Of Ponds To Consider For Your Backyard

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For homeowners who want to spend more time relaxing in their backyards, it can often be desirable to perform upgrades to this space. Improving the look and feel of a backyard can make it beckon you whenever you have downtime. A local residential landscaping service can improve your backyard in a number of ways, including building a pond. The addition of a pond can not only be pleasant to look at, but the gentle trickle of water from its fountain or waterfall feature can also produce a relaxing sound. If a backyard pond appeals to you, talk to a landscaping service that has experience with this type of project. Here are three types of ponds to consider.

Rustic Pond

Many homeowners favor rustic looks in their backyards, and there are plenty of options for a pond that has a rustic style. A common option is to choose a natural-looking shape, as this can mimic a real pond that you might come across in nature. Natural stones along the edges of the pond can also help with the rustic style. Your landscaping professional may also suggest planting specific plants in the ground around the perimeter of the pond to support the natural theme. Bunches of wildflowers, for example, may be a look that you favor.

Modern Pond

At the other end of the spectrum is a modern pond, which can work well in a backyard that employs a number of modern designs. Modern ponds can have many different looks, but you'll often find that they use straight lines. You might favor a square or rectangular pond shape, or perhaps even an "L" shape. Some modern ponds have a minimalist appearance; instead of lots of vegetation planted around their edges, they may have a clean look with smooth river stones around the perimeter. Some modern ponds can even have built-in lighting, which will help to give this fixture an appealing glow after dark.

Raised Pond

If you don't like the idea of a pond that sits below the surface of your yard, a good option to consider is a raised pond. You can specify how high you want this structure to be. Some people may want the upper edge of the pond to be just a foot off the ground, while others may favor having it higher. A higher pond with a wide edge can double as makeshift seating, which can be ideal if you frequently host large gatherings in your backyard. Ask your landscaping professional to show you pictures of ponds that it has built for other clients to help you narrow down what you want.


26 February 2021

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