Little Ways Having a Water Softener Will Change Your Life

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When you have hard water and then install a water softener, your life changes in some pretty big ways. Your pipes don't accumulate as many mineral deposits anymore, so they last a lot longer. Your skin no longer feels dry, so you don't have to slather on moisturizer twice a day. These improvements are big, and they do deserve recognition! However, there are also some smaller ways in which your life is likely to change once you have a water softener installed.

Your coffee maker will work better.

Have you ever noticed that the longer you own a coffee maker, the longer it takes to make coffee? This is because your hard water is slowly depositing minerals inside the coffee maker, slowing down the flow of water. A clogged coffee maker not only takes a long time to brew, but it can also make the flavor of your coffee less appealing. When you have a water softener installed, these minerals no longer build up in your coffee maker. You may want to buy a new coffee maker and start fresh using your newly installed water softener because this coffee pot should keep working great indefinitely.

Your clothing will feel softer.

All of the minerals in hard water tend to build up on clothing, too. You might be so used to your clothing feeling stiff that you don't even realize it. But after a few times washing your clothing in softened water, the minerals will start to leave the fabric, and your clothing will feel softer again. You may not have to rely on as many dryer sheets and fabric softeners to keep your clothing comfortable and wearable.

Your shampoo will lather better.

Do you feel like you have to use large globs of shampoo in order to get it to lather up in your hair? It's not because your hair is oily or because your shampoo was not formulated correctly. This is a side effect of hard water, too! The minerals weigh down the bubbles and interfere with the lathering ability. When you get a water softener, you should notice that your shampoo generates a richer, more dense lather. You won't have to use as much, and your hair will still feel really clean.

Installing a water softener will improve your lifestyle in all sorts of ways, big and small. If you're still on the fence as to whether or not you should buy one, talk to a plumber who installs them.


14 June 2021

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