Clean Your Air Conditioning Compressor, Condenser And The Rest Of The Unit Before Shutting Down For The Fall And Winter Seasons

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Your central air unit has served you well all summer long, but now fall is here, and you won't be using the AC until next year. Before you shut things down and cover the unit up, use this moment as an opportunity to give your air conditioning compressor and condenser and the rest of your AC system a good cleaning so it's easier to get things going again next spring or summer. Here are some tips to keep in mind in order to ensure you leave your central air unit in good condition.

Remove the Fan Cage, Grill, or Other Protective Coverings So You Can Get to the Compressor and Condenser From All Sides

Your outdoor AC unit likely has a protective cage or grill over the working parts in order to shield it from debris. But it is likely that at least some debris has made its way into the cage or under the grill over the last few months. Make sure the unit is turned off or unplugged and then begin picking leaves, grass, or other debris off of the compressor, condenser, and any other affected parts. You could also consider using a hand vacuum to suck out every last bit of debris.

Examine the Unit's Cage or Protective Grill and Clean the Fins

One of the protective coverings you removed likely includes a number of fins. The AC unit's fins must be straight in order for air to flow through properly. If you've picked up any bent fins over the course of the summer, use a small metal utensil to gently bend the fin back into a straight form. The fins may also be quite dirty from dusty air or debris getting sucked in. You can spray this area down with a garden hose and then use a wire brush to gently clean each fin so that all dirt is removed. 

If there is a lasting stain, you can get a special cleaning solution designed specifically for cleaning AC fins at most hardware stores. Do not put the protective covering with the fins back on top of the condenser or compressor until after you are done cleaning. You don't want to shoot the garden hose or the special spray at these mission-critical parts.

Consider an Inspection By a Professional

While you can certainly clean the compressor and every other part of your AC unit yourself, a seasoned professional might notice something wrong that you will not. It can be hard to tell if you need to order a new air conditioning compressor, condenser, or evaporator if you don't know what the signs of wear and tear are. If you or your seasoned pro does notice an issue, have it swapped out for a new part before next spring arrives. Contact a local air conditioning compressor supplier to learn more.


28 September 2021

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