Water Treatment: 6 Natural Ways To Purify Water

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Humans need water to survive. While many people in the world have access to clean, safe drinking water, a very large percentage of people do not have access to clean water. Having access to clean water means more than just being able to drink it. Water is also important for cooking, washing clothes and dishes, maintaining hygiene, and keeping livestock alive. What can you do if you don't have access to clean drinking water? Read on to see six different water treatments for daily use.

The 6 Best Ways To Purify Water

Here are the six most effective ways to purify water.

1. Distillation

Water distillation is one of the most effective ways to purify water. Distillation removes all contaminants from water, including bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals.

2. Reverse Osmosis

These water purifiers have proven to be one of the best ways to purify water. Reverse osmosis forces water through a semipermeable membrane to remove pollutants. TDS Controller and Mineralizer technology help keep essential nutrients while removing harmful impurities.

3. Clay Vessel Filtration

Long before people used reverse osmosis or ultraviolet water purifiers, people used clay pots to purify cloudy water by blocking it and letting pure drinking water through. This method is still used in some areas.

4. Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation

Ultraviolet light is a process that uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants in water. This process removes many contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals.

5. Solar Purification

Solar water purification uses the sun's ultraviolet radiation rays. The process involves filling a plastic bottle with water, shaking it to activate the oxygen, then placing it horizontally in the sun. It effectively kills bacteria and viruses in the water, making it drinkable.

6. Iodine Addition

Iodine is a red chemical readily available in pill or liquid form. It is very powerful because it kills bacteria and viruses. However, it may add an unpleasant taste and be fatal when used in large amounts. Therefore, it should only be used when there is no better purification method, such as an electric water purifier.

Why Water Treatment Is Important

The most obvious reason is to remove contaminants from water so that it is safe to drink. Water treatment removes dissolved minerals and microorganisms, making it ideal for cooking and other household tasks. Water purification makes water taste better by removing chlorine and other chemicals.


While there are many ways to purify water, these are some of the most effective and inexpensive methods available. Whether you're looking to purify water for drinking, cooking, or cleaning, these methods should do the trick. 

Talk to a water treatment company to learn more. 


29 November 2022

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