Tips to Protect Yourself While Seeking Companionship Online

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Online romance scams can rob people of their identities and finances. Sometimes, a person with ill intentions will exploit those whom they form a connection with. If you are seeking companionship, use the following tips to protect yourself while interacting with unfamiliar people online.  

Use Secure Sites

Although using a secure site cannot guarantee that you won't come into contact with a scammer, there will be an increased chance that your identity will be protected if you use a reputable site. There are many dating apps and websites that have been around for years and that have provided people with a solid opportunity to meet others who share the same interests. A secure dating site may advertise that they guarantee that your personal information will remain encrypted throughout each chat session.

A site like this may offer some guidelines that will ensure safety while browsing personal ads that have been posted. A user of this site may be advised to withhold personal information and to refrain from sharing explicit photos or details that could potentially harm them if a scammer were to read sensitive information. Some dating websites and apps may even use a third-party source that will aid those who have dealt with their information being compromised while actively using the dating service.

Perform Some Sleuthing Strategies

Even if you trust a site and have had some luck connecting with people who have piqued your interest, there may be an occasion or two in which something doesn't seem to be right, concerning your interaction with an individual. Before you take things further, use some sleuthing skills to calm your fears. There are many reverse searches available online that will allow you to find out more details about a person's email, name, or photograph.

If a particular person who you have interacted with seems to be acting out of character or is becoming more demanding with what they expect out of you, then it may be time to begin a private search. If you cannot substantiate some of the details that an online acquaintance has provided you with, it may be time to step things up.

There are some businesses that handle romance scam issues. A representative of this type of company may be formally trained to perform detailed searches that will aid with determining if an online acquaintance has good intentions or is pretending to be someone who they aren't. 


24 January 2023

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